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Saccade Vision partners with Euclid Labs to integrate optical inspection on metalworking machines

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

CISION PRWeb, 4-08-2022


Saccade Vision (Rehovot, Israel) today announced a partnership with Euclid Labs (Nervesa della Battaglia, Italy) to deliver fast, precise and flexible optical 3D inspection solution for various types of metalworking machines. Saccade and Euclid also announce a sale of multiple systems to a multinational conglomerate via this partnership.

Machine-tending robots are often key components used to enable unattended or lights-out machining operations, adding capacity by taking advantage of time that’s currently unused, like nights and weekends. In many cases, robot integration enables shopfloor employees that were previously loading and unloading parts from machines to perform duties of greater value.

However, quality control in machine shops is still in many cases done through manual inspection because of the cost and efforts required for the implementation of a fully automated optical inspection solution.

Together with Euclid Labs, Saccade Vision provides fast and flexible automated inspection of 100% of machined parts right after the processing cycle. Parts are being handled by the same robot that is used to load and unload parts into and out of the metalworking machine.

A combination of the most flexible 3D inspection system offered by Saccade Vision and unmatched offline programming capabilities by Euclid Labs provide great solution for on-machine quality inspection and fast correction of the manufacturing process.

"Euclid Labs is taking care of making the sensor easy to integrate for inline inspections with initial focus on checking flanges and angles of metal sheet parts after a bending process and on checking assembly processes of multiple items. When adopting “software-defined manufacturing”, we need to get rid of an inspection based on a collection of single measurements performed with multiple tools,” says Roberto Polesel, CEO of Euclid Labs. “We have seen applications with 3 smart cameras and 10 distance sensors to verify a mechanical assembly...With Saccade we can check at each step the single volume we need and refer that to the most meaningful part of the object we are checking, having a full 3d information without the burden of scanning and elaborating a large set of data. And we can program a new set of inspections with few clicks, which has a great impact on risks when dealing with new projects".

The partnership with Euclid Labs comes after thorough testing and integration project and both companies are proud to announce a sale of multiple systems to a multinational conglomerate with focus on industrial engineering and steel production. The delivery is expected in 2022.

“We are extremely proud to achieve this milestone,” says Alex Shulman, co-founder and CEO of Saccade Vision. “During a short time, we were able to demonstrate value and become trusted by one of the world’s largest industrial companies. We are also on track to introduce Saccade’s inspection system later this year together with Euclid Labs on one of the leading metalworking machines.”

About Saccade Vision: Saccade Vision, Terra Ventures ( portfolio company, an industrial quality inspection innovator, designs, develops and markets solutions for fast, precise, and flexible 3D quality inspection and robot navigation. Founded by inspection and metrology industry veterans, Saccade Vision is on a mission to enable autonomous quality inspection that can be instantly deployed by factory technicians and dramatically reduce quality inspection costs for manufacturers. For more information about visit Saccade Vision online at

About Euclid Labs: Euclid Labs provides flexible and effective software tools to face difficulties related to small batch production, high quality requirements, complex task automation for industrial manufacturing companies. Euclid partners with robot manufacturers, machine builders, sensor manufacturers and system integrators to create the best applications for automatic programming and to increase profitability of automation by reducing programming time and adding adaptive skills. For more information about visit Euclid Labs online at .

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