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Hongke News | Hongke and Saccade Vision officially established a partnership

Recently, Hongke and Saccade Vision officially established a partnership. Hongke will work with Saccade Vision to carry out market development in all regions of China to provide customers with fast, accurate and flexible 3D quality inspection and robot navigation solutions

Alex Shulman, co-founder and CEO of Saccade Vision, said: "We are very pleased to have Hongke as our partner in China. Hongke represents the market leader in the field of industrial machine vision in China, and we are pleased to rely on Hongke's strong team of engineers and application experts to provide technical support and integration services for our customers."

Hongke CEO added: "Saccade Vision is an excellent partner in the field of 3D quality inspection, and we are honored to distribute and strengthen our product portfolio. Saccade Vision's mission is to enable ready-to-deploy autonomous quality inspection and significantly reduce the cost of quality inspection. They will provide many solutions

About Saccade Vision

Saccade Vision designs, develops and markets fast, precise and flexible 3D quality inspection and robotic navigation solutions. Founded by inspection and metrology industry veterans, Saccade Vision's mission is to enable autonomous quality inspection, enable immediate deployment by factory technicians, and significantly reduce quality inspection costs for manufacturers. Saccade Vision has developed a unique award-winning technology that mimics human vision. Autonomous algorithms allow for ultimate flexible 3D inspection and optimization of certain areas of the inspected part, so it is possible to focus on "features" of the product that may fail during production, rather than the entire product, thereby reducing analysis time, increasing inspection efficiency and most importantly, reducing quality control costs while inspecting every single manufactured product.

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