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Best quality inspection for highest quality products

SACCADE VISION - World’s 1st feature-based 3D camera


MEMS-based laser projector enables absolute flexibility in 3D scanning

Stationary scanning helps to achieve better performance due to the lack of vibrations and no need for motion synchronization

Selective resolution: scan important locations with very high resolution; 

ignore non-important locations

Optimizing 3D data acquisition and processing on important features (based on prior knowledge)

Auto inspection setup from CAD

Ultra-High Local Quality
~10x higher resolution vs traditional 3D sensors

Selective Resolution.png

Feature-based optimization of 3D data acquisition

Thin-wall 3D printing target –minimal printable object
(0.3mm walls)

Traditional 3D sensors: Uniform resolution, Single direction

Saccade Vision:

Data acquisition pattern optimized per feature

Automatic CAD-to-Inspection Conversion

(/səˈkɑːd/ sə-KAHD):
quick eyes movement
Human eyes move quickly and locate interesting features with greater resolution, building up a mental, 3D 'map’ of the scene.
And this is exactly what we wanted to imitate.


100% quality control without slowing down the manufacturing process

Saccade makes the inspection faster by focusing on important locations with high quality while ignoring non-important locations. This approach helps to significantly reduce both data acquisition time and the amount of data that needs to be processed.


Precision down to 10μm


By smart local optimization of data acquisition and data processing, Saccade achieves the level required by most demanding processes.


Typical annual ROI - 3x: 

Added Value vs Annual System Cost

Annual added value includes the reduction in machine setup time of 30%-40%, the reduction in QC labor and the depreciation of expensive CMM and process capacity (Cpk) improvement.

Innovators Awards2.png


Fits multiple manufacturing processes and parts

The flexibility of local scanning with variable resolution and local optimization of scanning parameters enables the use of the same inspection hardware for multiple different parts and processes, easy programming and automatic adaptation in software.


Generates valuable data for

Advanced process and machine health analytics​ and better Design-For-Manufacturing

Using 3D vision can actually simplify inspection

"Saccade Vision has developed a MEMS-based 3D triangulation profiler. The MEMS-based laser illumination module can scan in multiple directions, and the device is able to create selective resolution and locally optimised scanning."

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