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New Distributor Announcement

We are pleased to announce our new distribution partnership with HongKe Technology Co., Ltd. which is now an authorized Saccade Vision distributor for serving customers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan markets.

Effective from July 2023, the agreements entitle the rights, to HongKe Technology Co., Ltd, to distribute Saccade Vision products in the specific regions.

“We are pleased to have HongKe Technologies as our partner in China” says Alex Shulman, co-founder and CEO of Saccade Vision. “HongKe is representing several market leaders in industrial machine vision in China and we are happy to count on the strong HongKe’s team of engineers and application specialists to offer our customers technical support and integration services.”

Lashare Chen, CEO at HongKe, added, “Saccade Vision is an excellent partner in 3D quality inspection and we are proud to distribute and strengthen our portfolio. With their mission of enabling autonomous quality inspection that can be instantly deployed and dramatically reduce quality inspection costs, Saccade Vision will unlock so many solutions for our customers in Chinese Market”

About HongKe Technologies

HongKe Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1995 is a leading provider of the machine vision, intelligent automation and industrial sensors. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with locations in Shanghai, Beijing,Chengdu,Suzhou,Xi’an, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and presence in the US, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, HongKe provides industrial cameras, 3D and 10GigE cameras, 3D solid-state LiDAR, vision software platform, frame grabbers and other vision solutions, and also offers product training and technical training, as well as services like development based on customized requirements or sw adaption, system integration for a whole system design and application design.

For more information visit:

HQ:6/F, Building C, Run Science Park, No.18 Shenzhou Road, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou (510663), China


Tel:400 999 3848

Mob (WeChat) : (+86) 18124130753

About Saccade Vision

Saccade Vision designs, develops and markets solutions for fast, precise, and flexible 3D quality inspection and robot navigation. Founded by inspection and metrology industry veterans, Saccade Vision is on a mission to enable autonomous quality inspection that can be instantly deployed by factory technicians and dramatically reduce quality inspection costs for manufacturers. Saccade Vision developed a unique award-winning technology imitating human vision. Autonomous algorithms allow ultimate flexibility and optimization of 3D inspection for certain regions of the inspected part, therefore focusing on the “features” of the product that may fail in the production process instead of the whole of it, thus decreasing analysis time, increasing checking efficiency and, most importantly, decreasing quality control expenses, while checking every single manufactured product.

For more information about visit Saccade Vision online at

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