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Saccade Vision partners with Grupo BCN Vision

Saccade Vision partners with Grupo BCN Vision to deliver 3D inspection solutions in Spain and Morocco.

We are happy to announce a new partnership with Grupo Bcnvision - Artificial Vision, the leading Spanish industrial machine vision solutions provider. This partnership comes after in-depth evaluation of Saccade Vision's technology and after we were able to demonstrate superior image quality, inspection capabilities and seamless application development on the most demanding samples (highly reflective, small features).

Grupo BCNVision integrates artificial vision solutions in the automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical and food&beverage industries, and work in collaboration with several leading providers of 2D and 3D vision .

David Torres, CEO of Grupo BCNVision: “Saccade’s static scanning multi-directional profiler can perform tests in production in applications that we had difficulty to inspect with other devices. The possibility of solving the occlusions generated by conventional lasers makes it ideal for certain fields of our interest. In general, the control of components on a PCB Assembly , their heights, positions, flatness... is one of the main strengths of this device.”

Alejandro Olivo Garcia, Machine Vision Engineer in NEVITEC VISION TECHNOLOGIES: “I tested parts with at least 3 different materials: reflective metal, very shiny and dark silicone and plastic. The sample was captured in one acquisition with no loss of information. In addition, the presence of oil on precisely machined metallic parts does not affect the acquisition of the point cloud on said surface.”

Alex Shulman, CEO of Saccade Vision: “The BCNVision team is one of the strongest in the field of industrial machine vision and considered among top solution providers for leading brands. Within hours, Alejandro was able to control Saccade’s sensor from their software using our API.”

“We are extremely pleased with the results of Saccade’s technology evaluation by BCNVision. This was quite impressive! The feedback we got is very encouraging and we are looking forward to start selling our solution in the Spanish and Moroccan market shortly.”

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