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Flexible Automated Inspection Solution for Metalworking Machines

When adopting ‘software-defined manufacturing,’ we need to get rid of inspection based on a collection of single measurements performed with multiple tools. We have seen applications with three smart cameras and 10 distance sensors to verify a mechanical assembly.


We saw that the Saccade sensor is a different product, not simply better or faster than the existing ones. It gives us the flexibility that our software can leverage to simplify the design and implementation of complex inspection systems.

Chiara Camporese 

Sales and marketing manager at Euclid Labs



Manufacturers use offline metrology coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for quality control. While CMMs are very precise, they are slow, expensive, and typically inspect a limited number of points on parts. Some applications, such as sheet bending, are extremely difficult to inspect using mechanical gauges and CMM.

On the other hand, existing machine vision solutions often require long application-specific development, complex integration, and significant efforts to get reliable results. Those indirect costs are typically 4-5x compared to direct costs of components.

Many customers (especially high-mix), keep doing manual inspection because of the cost and efforts required for the implementation of optical inspection solutions.

Roberto Polesel 

CEO of Euclid Labs

"On the path to software defined manufacturing we need to get rid of all in-line inspections based on a collection of single measurements performed with a circus of instruments.


We have seen applications with 3 smart cameras and 10 distance sensors to verify the assembly of a car lock designed for 3 models and which was impossible to adapt to a new one ...


With Saccade we can check the single volume we need at each step and report it to the most significant part of the object we are verifying, having complete 3D information without the burden of scanning and processing a large set of data and we can schedule a new series of inspections with just a few clicks, which has a great impact on risks when tackling new projects"

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